A Commitment To Your Health

I was speaking with a friend of mine after playing a round of golf the other day. He is my best friend for over 40 years. We grew up together in Marlborough and live 5 minutes from each other today. We were discussing the potential of having (warm) vacation residences in the same vicinity in the years to come so that we can continue hanging out and playing our golf and tennis together. Of course, the focus of the conversation very quickly turned to health.

I made the point that it doesn’t matter where we end up if we don’t have our health. Now I know that sounds very cliché, but it is the truth. Why work hard, only to end up unhealthy at the end of the day?

Being healthy is not “hard”. Being healthy does not depend on luck. Being healthy is most often a choice, a decision, a commitment.

My friend considers himself healthy because he can do what he wants when he wants. It is this definition of health that allows most of the population to be “healthy”, right up to the time that they have a heart attack, a stroke, or are diagnosed with cancer. To actually be healthy is an active process. It is a process by which you take control of the tenants of health and curate them to ensure that not only are you doing what you want, when you want, today but that you are able to do it many years into the future. Our goal should be to die old, young.

Consider a few of the most common causes of death; heart attacks, cancers, dementia and falls. Taking a deep dive into the underlying pathology of these conditions allows us to appreciate that we have the ability to significantly delay their onset, or at best, maybe even avoid them altogether! Avoiding, or delaying these particular causes of mortality requires the desire to want to do it. The knowledge and support to do it are within your reach. It is our mission at Preventous Collaborative Health to ensure that all of our members who want to be the best and truly healthiest version of themselves are able to do so.

If any of you feel as though you may not be on the right path to optimizing your health and lifespan, the number of truly healthy and active years of your life, please reach out to the Preventous team and we will arrange to have your path to metabolic health revisited. Being metabolically healthy refers to the optimal functioning of your various organ systems, many of which we can measure and assess.

For those of our members who are actively dealing with a health concern at the present time, our team at Preventous wants to ensure that every option available to mitigate that concern has been explored.

Choosing to maintain a membership at Preventous is a commitment to your health. Honour that commitment by putting us to work for you. We are always ready to see you when you are ill, but our underlying desire, our commitment to you, is to keep you truly healthy and add life to your years.


Dr. Rohan Bissoondath,
Medical Director

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