Preventous Counselling Services

Counselling services are integral to ensuring the health of the whole person. After all, personal and psychological issues can be stressful and this stress can negatively affect physical health. In the same way, physical illness can be stressful and negatively impact your psychological health.

Should you require counselling services in Calgary, we now offer a comprehensive program of top-quality Calgary counselling professionals.Our partner in mental health, Janus Associates, has provided quality counselling since 1976. Currently, they have over 15 counsellors and psychologists who provide a variety of services across a broad range of issues.

Janus AssocicatesJanus Associates counsellors work with our Preventous team to ensure that patients are able to be healthy in all aspects of life. Janus Associates’ psychologists and counsellors are all registered professionals so costs can be submitted to benefits providers.

Not Sure if you Need Counselling Services?

People access counselling services in Calgary for a wide variety of reasons. Here are just a few:

  • You feel mentally well and healthy but want to explore and grow mentally. In this case, counselling services can be like a good physical workout—helpful to grow and stay healthy.
  • You are experiencing some distressing issues but feel like you are coping. Counselling services can improve your ability to cope and increase insights about your thoughts, feelings and behaviour.
  • You are in more severe distress, experiencing difficulty using your normal coping techniques and need to reach out for help. This can happen when someone struggles with a mental health condition like depression or anxiety, but also when you can’t sort out everyday issues like relationship problems, job stress, or self-doubt, or when you need support during difficult times, such as a divorce.

Sessions may include work on fixing negative thought patterns, ways to support positive health behaviours, strategic planning around coping with difficult people or situations or managing addiction issues and career challenges, or assessing the presence of learning disabilities in adults and children. All sessions are confidential but information can be shared with the treating Preventous professional with the patient’s permission.

More Information About Counselling Services 

To learn more about counselling services, visit the following websites: