Fitness fees

Fitness Assessments (with our Kinesiologist)

Description Fee
Body Composition Assessment

An in-depth analysis of your anthropometric measurements and total body fat percentage. This includes Body Mass Index, waist circumference measurement, sum of 7 Skinfold measurement.

Total Fitness Assessment – 2 sessions

A comprehensive analysis of your baseline fitness level – a complete health and lifestyle assessment. Includes body composition assessment (above) and analysis of your cardiovascular and musculoskeletal fitness.

Getting Started Package – 4 sessions (4 hours total)

You will work one-on-one with our Registered Dietitian, and Exercise Physiologist to help guide the way to a healthy, and sustainable lifestyle.

Total nutrition assessment (2 hours total):
Complete analysis of your resting metabolic rate (RMR), assessment of body composition using Tanita scale, analysis of your current caloric intake, micronutrient status and lifestyle factors. You’ll receive nutrition recommendations, resources and a meal plan customized for your needs and lifestyle.

Total fitness assessment (2 hours total):
A comprehensive analysis of your baseline fitness level – a complete health and lifestyle assessment. Analysis of your cardiovascular fitness, strength, balance, and flexibility levels.


Combined Fitness & Nutrition Programs

Lifestyle Package

A comprehensive nutrition assessment and two hours of nutrition counseling customized to your personal needs; available when purchasing a personal training (PT) package.

+PT Package

  plus GST

Personal Training

All sessions with your personal trainer are held in the Preventous gym.

Personal Training with Mike Greene

Sessions Fees
Consult with Assessment and
Functional Movement Screen (90 min)
5 sessions $495 ($99.00/session)
10 session $920 ($92.00/session)
20 session $1,800 ($90.00/session)
30 sessions $2,640 ($88.00/session)
40 sessions $3,400 ($85.00/session)
50 sessions $4,000 ($80.00/session)
  plus GST  

The Lifestyle Package is offered at a special rate of $450 (plus tax) and is only available when purchased with a Personal Training Package.

Personal Training with Colin Davis

Sessions Fees
5 sessions $535 ($107.00/session)
10 sessions $1,000 ($100.00/session)
20 session $1,860 ($93.00/session)
30 sessions $2,700 ($90.00/session)
40 sessions $3,480 ($87.00/session)
50+ sessions $4,200 ($84.00/session)
  plus GST  

* The services in these programs, with the exception of fitness training sessions, are included in the Twenty-Four Seven Club membership fee.