Personal Training Testimonials

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Training with Colin Davis this year (2013) in Calgary for the film ‘RoboCop’ and Discovery Channel’s ‘Klondike’ was the ultimate way to start to my days.

Colin’s expertise, encouragement, enthusiasm, technique, and good vibes provided an enjoyable, private and fun environment to train in and a great way stay fit and healthy. My work days were grounded, energetic and much more manageable after training with Colin. He pushed me athletically and helped me to achieve the results I wanted to achieve. Colin is a cool, calm, and professional trainer who genuinely cares and listens. I highly recommend Colin for all types of body shapes, ages and levels of physical activity and goals. He’s the best!
– Abbie C, 31, Actor/Musician

I have been using Colin as a personal trainer for over 8 months. He has been instrumental in helping me reduce my chronic back pain via strengthening my core and legs.

I feel I have been a fit person prior to engaging with Colin, working out at the gym 5 times a week. However, with Colin I feel I achieved the next level in overall fitness and strength. I love the location and ease of the Preventous facility.
– Joel S, 37, Realtor

I was looking for an educated trainer who not only was elite at his craft but embodied the essence of what he taught, I got much more.

Colin’s thorough assessment and ability to develop a plan which is unique to my specific needs while having the vision to strive for more has giving me much more than I could ask for in a relatively short period of time. His developed program specific for me has emphasized strength, flexibility and endurance, I continue to see him 2–3/per week, not only have I gained a more refined toned body but I have gained a mentor.
– Candace P, 37, Business Development Manager

What can I say about Colin? It’s hard to wrap up the intricacies of his awesomeness in a bite sized testimonial.

I’ve been training with Colin Davis for over 3 years now. As a Type 1 Diabetic, I started fitness to help my body deal with diabetes and my mind deal with stress. I tried boot camps, other trainers, and going on my own. The first session I had with Colin was different than any of that. Colin was focused, yet upbeat, fun, and entertaining (although sometimes, laughing too much makes it hard to push out that last rep, even though it makes the other 14 more enjoyable). During our sessions he is focused on me, what I am doing, what I did last time, what I will be doing next time. He is adjusting weights and alternating exercises in an optimal way to help me reach the maximum benefits from not only that hour, but to help my body kick into a calorie burning, muscle growing, state for the next couple days; nothing’s better than losing weight and gaining muscle while just sleeping and going about daily life!

Colin is fantastic in putting together programs that I can carry out between our sessions. For example, if I go on vacation, he ensures I have a program in place that I can use to keep getting results. Between sessions, Colin has always been there to answer any questions I may have and send me any updated information that will help me achieve my training goals. As my fitness level and physique improved we continued to update my goals so as to keep me lifting more, gaining muscle and working harder. Colin’s been there to coach me along that path, pushing my limits in a healthy way, rather than just trying to lift a few hundred pounds and break my back.

Colin has a great network of other health professionals that he works with and can recommend to help with other ailments that may be hindering training, and more importantly, your life. In my case, a referral to an Active Release Therapist has fixed some chronic issues I was having; not only helping my training but improving my quality of life i.e. picking up my son and throwing him around!

Thanks to working with Colin, I’ve ran multiple 5k races and don’t hesitate to jump into anything physical – mountain biking, snowboarding, rollerblading, swimming – they are all done with the confidence that both my body, and my mind, have had the general coaching and conditioning needed to excel at anything I set out to do.

I’ve been a client of great trainers in the past, but none quite like Colin. He is professional, dedicated, ridiculously educated, experienced, yet fun and entertaining. Really, the laughs should count as ab work!
– Greg S, 27, Web Application Developer

I started personal training with Colin 8 years ago.

At the time I was 29, considered myself fit, and was just looking for a couple of sessions with a trainer that could teach me a few tricks to make my body feel a little stronger. I have always considered myself a fit women, I played soccer all my life, I had been an avid mountain biker, and tried to take care of myself through diet and working out. However, until I met Colin, I had no idea how strong I was able to become! After my first few sessions with Colin I was learning things about my body that I hadn’t explored before. I had a lot of coaches through soccer and mentors with my mountain biking, and they really didn’t have the insight Colin has of what my body needed to reach its maximum potential.

In 2006 I had a very bad downhill mountain biking accident that injured my spine. I went through physiotherapy, traction, MRI’s, injections, nerve freezing, and finally a surgery that involved replacing the L5-S1 disc in my spine with a titanium alternative. During that time I went to see Colin as often as I could. He was so knowledgeable about my injury, as he kept researching what I was going through and how to help get me stronger through my recovery, and he worked with my physiotherapist and my surgeon to make sure we were all on track. The rehabilitation I had with Colin was incredible, his degree and background in kinesiology was paramount in my recovery.

I am now 37, and healthier and stronger than I have ever felt in my life. I continue to see Colin 2-3 times a week, and I look forward to the challenges that he has in store for me every time I go to Preventous. The workouts we have are so much fun, yet challenging, and the personal attention he is able to give me in the private gym area is beyond what any client could ask for. I would definitely recommend Colin to anyone.
– Barb P

Having just retired from a corporate job at the end of 2011, my wife introduced me to Colin Davis, who has been her personal trainer for eight years.

My life had consisted of travelling throughout western Canada, living out of a suitcase and eating in restaurants which all added up to a very unhealthy lifestyle. I started off with a program of 10 workouts. I quickly realized how unfit I was, (Colin called me an “exercise virgin”) but his firm regimen combined with his gentle approach started turning me around in a few short weeks. I was excited, thought I could ‘do this’ and then left for a protracted vacation of 6 weeks with Colin’s ‘made-for-John-plan’ to keep myself on course.

I followed his plan diligently and returned to his sessions after 6 weeks, a few pounds lighter and confident that I had mastered the workout routine. It was only then that I truly realized what a personal trainer contributes to the process. I thought I had been working out but those phrases like, “just 2 more, John”, “another 30 seconds, John”, “almost there, John”, crystallized the value of a personal trainer. Although I work out diligently on my own on the days I don’t see Colin, I work harder and with greater results every time I see him.

I’m in the financial industry and return-on-investment is an everyday phrase. In a few short months, I’ve come to realize that the investment I’m making in myself by working with Colin is the best I’ve made for many years. I’ve lost more weight, I’m fitter and I’m definitely stronger – I carry the 40 lb. bags of dog food into the house now, much to the delight of my wife.

Oh, and by the way, Colin makes it lots of fun!
– John W, 66, CFP, CLU

I started working out with Colin in 2003 after falling off the ‘exercise-wagon’ for a number of years and being unable to find the motivation on my own to squeeze fitness back into my schedule.

At the time, I was a year away from a milestone birthday and well aware that my fitness and general feeling of health were not likely to improve unless I took positive action.

All these years later, I’m still working out with Colin. I’m in much better condition and my energy level and stamina have increased significantly. I can do things like run 5 kilometers and hike 20 kilometers without so much as an ache or a pain. I’m very committed to my workouts and I’m really happy with my level of fitness.

I do a fair amount of business travel so it takes a little more effort to get in 2 workouts with Colin every week but he is very flexible in accommodating my schedule. There’s something about the commitment that comes with a personal trainer that makes it hard to give up! Colin helps me to set objectives and is a big part of my success in meeting those goals.

Preventous is a great facility with convenient access, good facilities and available parking. The gym is not overrun with people and it has a good variety of equipment. It’s a place where ordinary people train and there’s no intimidation because everyone in the gym looks pretty much like a regular person who wants to work out.

Once upon a time, I had an at-home exercise regime that I had no problem fitting into my daily routine. But along the way there was a new job, different family schedules, significant business travel and exercise was something that slowly fell by the wayside. Colin is a big part of why exercise is a regular part of my life and I know that having Colin as my personal trainer will help to keep it there.

– Lynn B, Human Resources Director

I have always been fairly active but consistently injured myself from improper training technique.

In recent years I have experienced chronic back pain that was hindering any type of fitness program as well as the active lifestyle I wanted to pursue. Colin was referred to me by a colleague who had experienced similar obstacles and was able to overcome them with his instruction.

I have been training with Colin for almost four years now! In that time he has taught me to strength train effectively without injury and to balance my workouts concentrating on every muscle group, while being cognisant of my back issues. He has pushed me to new levels of fitness I could never have reached on my own; all the while adapting my program to my specific fitness goals.

Last year I decided to compete in a 31km Nordic ski race. Colin redesigned my program to target specific muscle groups for endurance and stamina. I completed the race in 2 hrs 21 minutes!

This year I’ve completed two 55 KM ski races. Both races took me over six hours to complete with no BACK ISSUES! It’s an accomplishment that I am very proud of and grateful to Colin for helping me be in the best shape of my life!

Colin’s strengths are his professionalism, integrity, dedication, and personal relationship with his clients. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to increase their fitness level, tackle new challenges and have fun doing it.
– Bill B, 56, Geologist

I have been working with Colin for over 7 months now and am very pleased with the whole experience.

Colin has shown great professionalism in his approach right from the beginning when he ensured all of the appropriate steps were taken in starting my program. He guaranteed my medical/injury history was accounted for before he began developing his approach with me. He is extremely client-centered in his methodology to personal training. For example, his program is very relevant with regard to my needs and wants and I always feel I get a great workout, leaving the session feeling energized and better than when I walked in the door! He is excellent at working around some of my ailments without aggravating old injuries or aches and pains. Because of seeing Colin, I am slimmer and feel stronger and more stable in my day-to-day activities for which I am grateful. I would highly recommend working with Colin!
– E.A. Falk

I started with Colin and Fabijana at Preventous about 6 months ago.

Since then I have corrected my metabolic syndrome and brought all my blood work to normal. The training that Colin provides and the nutritional information Fabijana provides are the reason I am able to lose weight and also keep it off. My liver function tests were always through the roof for years. Through a life style change under their guidance, I am now at a point where I am able to be much more active and healthier. I am more than pleased with the service and advice they provide. Their expertise and advice are well worth the investment. They made it a collaborative effort between us on the road to good health.
– Richard F, 55, Project Manager

Mike has been an unbelievable benefit to my functional capabilities.

I would like to thank you for all of your efforts and attention to detail while working with me over these past two years. Managing both my cardiac and lower back issues while trying to get my cardio, strength and agility back wasn’t a small task! If it wasn’t for you, I’d probably still be a chunky blob on the sofa with zero energy, zero motivation and zero hope of ever climbing a hill… Instead I have tons of energy and have definitely noticed my fitness coming back – especially over the past 6 months. Thank you!
– Lola M, 53, Community Events Organizer

Mike has been an unbelievable benefit to my functional capabilities.

I began to work with Mike at a time that I had many restrictions in my abilities to do the activities that I enjoy. Mike was able to assess where my weaknesses and strengths were and continuously build the sessions so that I felt challenged without exacerbating any injuries that I was managing. I enjoy the journey that he takes me on each week by changing up the exercises and the flow of our sessions. My body never knows what to expect!
– Jane S, 44, Senior Health Consultant

My wife and I lucked out to get Mike as our trainer. He was enthusiastic, well prepared, knowledgeable and committed to pushing us the extra mile.

My wife and I did all our sessions outside and Michael was very innovative with how he used the outdoor surroundings. From his sessions we have taken away multiple different exercises that we can now use in our workout routine, which helps with maintaining our results. At the end of the day Michael helped us reach our combined goals. We were more than pleased with his service and would highly recommend him to anyone in the market for a personal trainer.
– Mark T, 36, Geologist

I have trained with Mike – off and on – for over three years.

I chose Mike because I wanted to incorporate strength and weight training into my routine but I did not want to injure myself. Mike’s strong knowledge of how the body works has ensured that my strength and weight training goals have been met – I am much stronger now than when I started training – but without injury.

Throughout the time that I have been training with Mike, he has been unfailingly supportive and understanding. He monitors my performance of each exercise and helps me correct my form to ensure that I am getting maximum benefit for my effort. He also checks consistently during a training session to ensure that I am working hard but not overdoing. If I am uncomfortable with an exercise he is willing and able to modify the exercise to meet my abilities and comfort level.

Mike is very professional in approach while still being friendly and approachable. I look forward to my training sessions with Mike.
– Deborah E, 62, Retired CEO

I wanted to thank you for being such an outstanding Fitness Coach.

You helped me define my goals, and created the excellent workouts that helped me surpass them. I have had such a great experience with you, learned skills I use everywhere/everyday, inside and outside the gym. You’re a true professional, Mike…..thanks!
– Sondra B, 53, Interior Designer

I have worked with Michael over the past couple of years. I have found him to be an excellent personal trainer.

His knowledge of various exercise methodologies and techniques is very broad, which allows him to put together a set of programs and exercises that best suits your goals and experience level. He knows how to vary the programs to keep things interesting, and also pushes you “just enough” so that you know you are working, but not passing out on the floor 🙂 I can definitely recommend Michael to anyone looking for a personal trainer.
– Nelson P, 46, Chief Technology Officer