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Calgary Nutrition Services at Preventous

In keeping with our focus on your complete health, we act as your Calgary nutrition centre, providing a range of nutrition services.

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Most of us have heard the platitude “You are what you eat” so often that it has become meaningless. While we may know that eating well has boundless health benefits, we may not feel confident in our ability to maintain optimal nutrition in a realistic and sustainable manner. This is partly due to shifting information and conflicting messages that we’re exposed to daily from various media sources.

Trust Preventous Collaborative Health for clear, ethical, and science-based nutritional guidance. We offer the services of Registered Dietitians to help Calgarians make the best dietary choices for themselves and their families.

Expertise of an in-house Registered Dietitian

Detailed nutrition assessment and analysis

Effective nutrition programs and weight loss strategies

What Can a Registered Dietitian Do for You?

Registered Dietitians offer up-to-date nutrition expertise in a variety of hospital, community and food-industry settings. At Preventous, Registered Dietitians deliver nutrition services that include specific plans and solutions for cardiovascular wellness, disease prevention, general healthy eating, weight loss, weight gain, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, digestive disorders, eating disorders, sports nutrition, prenatal and post-natal nutrition, post-menopause nutrition, low energy, food cravings, nutrition for children and teens, nutrient deficiencies, and much more.

Nutrition is a critical component of achieving peak health. Make sure you’re getting advice and assistance that will give you results by being selective when choosing a nutrition professional

Why Registered Dietitians?

Choosing a Dietitian is one way you can be assured the advice and information you are receiving is sound. Dietitians, just like other regulated professionals, are accountable to provincial regulatory bodies for their professional conduct and the services they provide.

A Registered Dietitian is a health professional who:

Holds a specialized Bachelor of Science degree in Food and Nutrition from an accredited university program

Has at least 1 year of practical training (internship) within various hospital and community health-care settings

Has successfully passed a national board exam and is registered with a provincial regulatory body such as the College of Dietitians of Alberta

Actively updates their skill and knowledge in the field each year to maintain competency

Virtual Nutrition

Virtual consultations are available with our Registered Dietitian. Proper health and nutrition are essential now more than ever and we are here to help you with your goals wherever you are.

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