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Unlock the power of your genes and optimize your health by understanding how your genetics interact with your diet.

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Nutrigenomics investigates the relationship between your genetic makeup, nutrition, and overall health. It explores how the nutrients you consume can affect the expression of your genes, and conversely, how your unique genetic variations can influence how your body responds to certain foods and nutrients. This innovative technology serves as a valuable risk assessment tool that aids in the development of preventive health strategies.

Nutrigenomics genetic testing examines genes associated with nutrient metabolism, weight management, heart health, food intolerances, eating habits, physical activity, and susceptibility to injuries. When you understand how your genes interact with your diet, maximize your well-being through targeted nutritional approaches. Contact our Calgary Health Centre and start your wellness journey today!

Benefits of Nutrigenomics

Personalized Nutrition

Nutrigenomics empowers you to make informed decisions about your diet based on your genetic blueprint. By understanding your genetic predispositions, you can customize your nutrition to optimize your health and well-being.

Preventive Health

With nutrigenomics, you can proactively identify potential health risks and take preventive measures to mitigate them. By modifying your diet according to your genetic vulnerabilities, you can reduce the risk of developing certain diseases and conditions.

Weight Management

Nutrigenomics provides insights into how your body processes and stores different nutrients. By tailoring your diet to your genetic profile, you can optimize weight management efforts and achieve your health goals more effectively.

Enhanced Sports Performance

Athletes can leverage nutrigenomics to optimize their performance. By understanding how their genes affect energy metabolism, recovery, and nutrient utilization, athletes can personalize their diets to maximize their potential on the field or in the gym.

Optimal Health and Well-being

Nutrigenomics enables tailored nutrition plans that support optimal health and well-being. It considers an individual’s genetic variations, allowing for personalized dietary approaches that can optimize nutrient absorption, metabolism, and utilization.

Aging & Skin Health

Nutrigenomics can aid in promoting healthy aging by identifying genetic factors associated with age-related diseases. By adopting a personalized nutrition plan, you can potentially delay the onset of certain age-related conditions and maintain your vitality for longer.

How Nutrigenomics Works

Preventous has partnered with Nutrigenomix™ in Toronto to analyze specific variations in your DNA that are relevant to nutrition and health. A simple genetic test involving a saliva sample is conducted at our Calgary Health Clinic. You will receive a comprehensive online Food Frequency Questionnaire after the first Dietitian appointment. This takes approximately 30-minutes to complete online.

The genetic data obtained from the test is carefully analyzed to identify genetic variations that impact your nutritional needs and metabolism. Based on the analysis, a personalized nutrition plan is created, taking into account your unique genetic profile. This plan provides specific dietary recommendations to optimize your health and well-being. Regular monitoring of your progress and further genetic analysis allows for ongoing adjustments to your nutrition plan, ensuring that it remains tailored to your changing needs.

How much does Nutrigenomics genetic testing cost?

At Preventous’ Calgary Clinic, Nutrigenomics genetic testing is available at a price of $928 plus GST for members and $1,048 plus GST for non-members. The service is administered by a registered dietitian and is eligible as a medical expense tax credit that may be claimed through some insurance plans.

This package includes a comprehensive analysis of the test results and personalized dietary recommendations. Additionally, it covers genetic counseling as part of a nutrition assessment, the genetic test itself, and a thorough analysis of the results. The report generated from the analysis is reviewed by a registered dietitian.

This comprehensive package provides you with an in-depth understanding of your genetic composition and its relation to your dietary needs. With the guidance and expertise of our registered dietitian, you can make informed choices regarding your nutrition and develop a personalized plan to achieve optimal health.

Questions and Answers About Nutrigenomics Genetic Testing

Nutrigenomics genetic testing involves two one-hour in-person appointments with Preventous’ registered dietitian at our Calgary Clinic. During the initial appointment, you will receive genetic counseling, undergo a nutrition assessment, and receive instructions on the test procedure which involves providing a saliva sample. Additionally, you will be requested to complete an online “Food Frequency Questionnaire” to further personalize the Nutrigenomix report based on your current dietary habits.

After receiving the results, the dietitian will analyze and prepare a comprehensive report with personalized recommendations. The second appointment will focus on reviewing the test results, including the Nutrigenomix test and the food frequency questionnaire, as well as discussing the recommendations provided by our dietitian. You will have access to the reports in convenient paper and electronic formats.

Nutrigenomics consultation are with Registered Nutritionist Daniel Neuman at Preventous’ Calgary Clinic. Daniel believes in supporting a healthy relationship to food that reflects his client’s goals, motivations, and nutritional needs. He also recognizes that food goes beyond just nutrients. That, eating to thrive both physically and mentally is essential to well-being.

Daniel has completed three science degrees in Canada and Germany in the fields of immunology, medical research, and nutritional sciences. He has taught a variety of courses at the university, including Applied Food Theory (a practical cooking class), Cultural Ecology of Food and Health (focused on food culture), Nutrition in Indigenous Health, Introductory Nutrition, and Public Health/Community Nutrition.

Learn more about Daniel

After scheduling your appointment at our Calgary Clinic, you will receive an online nutrition questionnaire and a consent form. The nutrition intake form can be securely completed online, while the signed consent form can be returned via email or submitted in-person during your appointment. Please note there is a non-refundable deposit of $300 will be necessary at the time of booking.

The “personalized nutrition for skin health report” is an in-depth analysis that utilizes advanced genetic testing techniques to examine your DNA. It aims to identify how your genetic makeup can impact your skin’s ability to combat signs of aging, assess your eating habits, and analyze how your body metabolizes nutrients crucial for skin health.

This add-on feature can only be done in tandem with a Nutrigenomix package and costs an additional $79 plus GST.

Preventous ensures the protection and confidentiality of all personal health information, including Nutrigenomix test results. To maintain confidentiality, each sample is assigned an anonymous barcode and entered into a secure system. Data transfer is encrypted to prevent unauthorized access, interception, or alteration of confidential information and transactions.

Both Preventous and Nutrigenomix are committed to safeguarding client information and genetic data. We will never disclose information to third parties, except when necessary to provide the requested services or as mandated by law.

Your data will always remain confidential. After testing is completed, Nutrigenomix will store the anonymized sample under secure conditions to enable future testing as new markers are discovered. Preventous and Nutrigenomix will never disclose it to any third party, nor conduct any research involving your DNA without your explicit consent.

Rest assured, you will receive an equivalent level of care at Preventous’ Calgary clinic. Nutrigenomics testing takes your genetic profile into account and improves the precision of your dietary advice to suit your specific needs.

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Your genes hold the key to unlocking your optimum health and wellness. Calgarians can now embark on a transformative journey with nutrigenomics and uncover the unique connection between genes and diet. Book a complimentary 10-minute discovery call with the Preventous dietitian today!

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