Health is the Best Gift You Can Give Your Children

The things we learn as children stay with us for life. Giving your kids health, and the tools to manage and continuously improve their own health, is a lasting contribution any parent can make.

As health care professionals, we are committed to helping Calgary’s youth achieve the best health possible and learn how to be healthy adults. That’s why membership in Twenty-Four Seven Club is absolutely free for children under the age of 18 when one of their parents is a member at Preventous. After your child’s initial Total Health Assessment™, all services covered under the program are provided free of charge.

When you give your child membership in  Twenty-Four Seven Club, you both benefit with:

  • Complete knowledge of your kid’s health level
  • The opportunity to improve your child’s health in the short term and into adulthood
  • The same comprehensive suite of services we offer adults
  • Education about healthy diet and lifestyle choices that stay with your child for life
  • Improved mental alertness for better academic achievement
  • Increased energy to participate fully in competitive sports
  • A chance to discover the benefits of healthy living, reducing your child’s willingness to take part in unhealthy activities

In our fast food world, too many young people don’t receive the care they need to achieve their full potential, as children and later into adulthood. Enroll your child in Twenty-Four Seven Club today.


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