Comprehensive Preventative Healthcare Tailored to You and Your Family

You work hard to create a life you can be proud of, let us make sure you and your family can enjoy it in peak health!

Preventous is a passionate multi-disciplinary team devoted to helping patients achieve and maintain lasting health. We focus on illness prevention through scientifically proven medical and lifestyle strategies delivered in the warm and compassionate manner of the traditional family doctor.

Our expert team is available 24/7 to provide customized prevention planning, early detection, timely and efficient intervention, and exceptional client care that is tailored to your needs.

24/7 personalized care

Expert multi-disciplinary team

Unrushed, timely appointments

On-site bloodwork and ECG

Travel Clinic

Male and female physicians available

Children Program

Total Health Assessment upon signup

Flexible payment terms

Fitness & nutritional consults

Children (18 years of age and under) are charged a discounted rate. See fees for details. 
Young adults (children of members 19-22 years of age) are charged a discounted rate. See fees for details.

Preventous Twenty-Four Seven Club™

When you have a plan for healthy living, you maximize your potential to achieve optimal health. Our Twenty-Four Seven Club™ program is a full-service approach designed to give you access to an entire team of health care professionals who know you and work with you to put you in control of your health. Discover how healthy you are today and assess your risk factors to reduce disease and promote early detection. Improve your health through preventative medical and lifestyle strategies built for you.

  • Collaborative Healthcare Team
  • On-time, unrushed appointments
  • 24/7 Access to your healthcare team
  • Total Health Assessment (first year)
  • On-site ECG and Bloodwork
  • Monthly patient chart reviews
  • Telephone prescription refills
  • Nutritional counselling with our Registered Dietitian
  • Fitness counselling with our Kinesiologist or Athletic Therapy Services
  • Unlimited travel clinic consultation and comprehensive travel reports
  • A team of exceptional male and female Doctors to choose from
  • Personalized preventative healthcare planning for early diagnosis and treatment
  • Flexible payment terms (yearly or monthly installments)


One Adult – First Year (Includes Total Health Assessment)


One Adult Subsequent Years


Young Adults First and Subsequent years


For members’ children 19-22 years of age Total Health Assessment is optional for an additional fee of


Children Annual Membership


For members’ children 0-18 years of age Total Health Assessment is optional for an additional fee of


Tax Savings

What Can You Write Off?

Many of the services we provide qualify for Canada Revenue Agency’s Medical Expense Tax Credit. For more information on this tax credit please visit the CRA website or talk to your financial advisor.

Many clients are able to claim our expenses. Under health spending accounts or personal health services plans.

About Preventous Collaborative Health

We are a Calgary-based, caring and innovative team driven by one mission: your health.

We believe in a preventative and multi-disciplinary approach that goes beyond the concept of health as ‘lack of illness’ and defines it as the overall state of physical, mental and emotional wellness.

There is nothing we value more than our patients’ trust and wellbeing. Our Physicians, Nurses, Kinesiologists, Registered Dietitian and support staff take pride in Preventous’ work and reputation in the Calgary community. Since 2007, we have served through a genuine and unwavering commitment to excellence, integrity, and continuous improvement.

Preventous Twenty-Four Seven memberships are limited to ensure we can deliver on our brand promise and provide each and every one of our clients the exceptional care they deserve.

As a member myself of the Preventous organization, and a fairly knowledgeable one given my role as Chair of the Calgary Health Region for more than 7 years … I feel well qualified to point out the advantages and the strengths that membership offers  both individually and corporately.  Read More…

– David Tuer,  Former Chair of the Calgary Health Region


Membership availability is limited. Book a complimentary consultation today to schedule a facility tour and have your questions answered.

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