Do you struggle with your weight?

If you do, you are not alone.

For many people, weight gain is a never-ending nightmare, and controlling it an obsession. In the quest to control weight, people try different fads and potions that appear in the popular media. They try weight control clinics, health and herbal supplements and even drastic surgery—often to no avail at all.

Even those who do manage to lose weight often regain it a short time later! For many of us, weight control is a kind of tyranny before which we have no power—a chronic and increasing struggle that leaves us frustrated and demoralized.

Why is weight management such a challenging and frustrating experience? Research tells us that it’s because most “solutions” fail to address the underlying psychological factors that lead a person to gain weight. Unless we can understand these, we are pretty well doomed to repeat the same cycle over and over again. Sure, we may lose a few pounds—or even a lot—relying on different diets and strategies, but keeping it off is the battle. Keeping is off is going to be a lifelong struggle unless we address the psychological factors that lead a person toward immediate gratification, loss of focus, and wavering motivation.

At Preventous we recently held a seminar on “The Psychology of Weight Management”. We achieved tremendous results with a number of people losing weight –weight that had traumatized many of them for decades! We were able to achieve this without the help of diets, without a punishing regimen of exercise, and without gimmicks. The best part is that all of these people have been able to keep the weight off!

Now, we are embarking on a weight loss program, due to begin in September of this year. If you are someone who has struggled with weight issues, you should consider joining the Preventous weight loss program. This is a program that zeroes in on the exact psychological causes leading to weight gain, and most importantly, teaches people to correct for them. If you’ve tried everything else, your struggle will end here. The result is freedom from the tyranny of excess weight—freedom to live and breathe freely again.

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