Food for Thought: The Basics of Anti-Inflammatory Eating

Recent Canadian statistics demonstrated that in 2020, there were 597,000 individuals living with dementia. This number is projected to reach 955,900 by 2030. It is estimated that the annual cost of dementia on the Canadian healthcare system and the Canadian economy as a whole is 10.4 billion.

There has been more attention recently on anti-inflammatory eating patterns and their impact on cognitive health, particularly in the treatment and prevention of Alzheimer’s and dementia. While diet alone cannot prevent or cure Alzheimer’s disease, research suggests that certain dietary choices may help reduce the risk of cognitive decline and support overall brain health.


There are a few dietary patterns that have been studied for their associated potential benefits for brain health and Alzheimer’s Disease including the Mediterranean Diet, the MIND Diet, the DASH diet, and an Anti-inflammatory Diet. Each of these eating patterns have key foundations in common:


Wondering how you can practically incorporate these concepts of anti-inflammatory eating into your daily eating patterns? Below are a few suggestions to try!

If you’re looking for more individualized assessment and nutrition guidance, I would encourage you to book an appointment with our Preventous Dietitian team – we’re here to support you!


Britney Lentz
Registered Dietitian

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