Your Total Health Assessment™

Celebrate special times with family and friends, do the things you love, accomplish your business and personal goals fully with optimal health.

The Starting Point to the Great Health You Deserve.

Your health is precious. Good health can be achieved and maintained by taking a proactive approach. The first step to living your healthiest life is assessing your present condition.

As a member myself of the Preventous organization, and a fairly knowledgeable one given my role as Chair of the Calgary Health Region for more than 7 years ... I feel well qualified to point out the advantages and the strengths that membership offers both individually and corporately. – David Tuer Read More...

The Total Health Assessment™

During your Total Health Assessment™, your team of medical, nutrition and fitness experts assesses you from head to toe. We look at your risk factors for disease and talk to you about your life, your challenges, your concerns and goals.

This allows us to accurately assess your health today, creating a total picture of where you are and identifying where you can be in the future.

A Customized Approach

You are unique, with unique health issues, concerns and goals. Unlike assessments that take a cookie-cutter approach, putting you through unnecessary tests, your Total Health Assessment™ is tailored for you.

Your physician, registered dietitian and fitness consultant, along with other team members when necessary, analyze the results of your assessment and create a practical plan you can work and live with to improve your health.

Enjoy Your Life to the Fullest

Your Total Health Assessment™ will get you started on the path to celebrating life’s special moments for many, many years to come.

Components of Your Total Health Assessment™: