Total Health Assessment™: Review

After your Total Health Assessment™ is completed, our team of physicians, nutrition and fitness experts collaborate and discuss the results of your tests.

They examine your risk factors for heart disease, stroke, cancer and other medical issues and develop medical, fitness and nutrition plans to help you achieve a healthier lifestyle.

The review gives you a completely new understanding about the state of your health. The following findings and recommendations will be discussed with you during your two hour review session:


Your physician will spend time with you reviewing all results along with input from the rest of your team. Based on those results, you will receive a customized and comprehensive plan to improve your health.


Your registered dietician will present you with a flexible, calorie-balanced meal plan that suits your lifestyle, needs and preferences. Nutrition education and resources on a variety of nutrition-related topics are included.


You will receive a customized fitness plan from your kinesiologist based on your lifestyle, activity, habits, injuries and preferences. You will also receive expert instruction on your recommended exercises.

Your Total Health Assessment™ Report

All test results, plans and information are placed in a binder that you keep for your own use in monitoring and improving your health.