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Dr. Rohan offers information and advice for Healthy Living. Listen Today!

Anti-Aging Pill

Is there a pill that allows us to live forever? Dr. Rohan discusses clinical trials for a new anti-aging drug.

Safe Snow Shoveling

Ensure your safety when clearing Calgary’s inevitable snow fall. Dr. Rohan offer some helpful tips for safe snow shoveling.

Technology and Menstruation

Technology allows a younger generation to openly talk about topics traditionally taboo for women. Learn about the developments with Dr. Rohan.

Frying with Fat

A new study focuses on which fats we should fry with. Dr. Rohan guides you through the information.

Orthorexia – A Healthy Eating Disorder?

Can we take the healthy eating message too far? Learn about Orthorexia, an unhealthy preoccupation with healthy food.


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