Is Immunization Safe?

Many Preventous parents are concerned about the safety of immunizations. While it’s good to take a questioning approach to your child’s health care, you don’t want to base important decisions on misinformation. Making your mind up about vaccinations after you’ve learned the facts is the smartest approach.

At Preventous, we know that immunization is important. Vaccination has successfully eradicated many diseases that could have otherwise harmed our children and it continues to protect children today.

But we also know that you may have serious concerns about the safety of vaccines. Following are some key facts about immunization to help you make an informed decision about the impact of immunization on your child’s health. If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to talk to your physician when you visit.

For more information, see A Parent’s Guide to Immunization Information on the Internet

  • Vaccines must be tested and proven to be safe as well effective before they are used. They are also continually monitored by health authorities.
  • Independent reviews by expert committees have not found any scientific evidence that the measles vaccine (MMR) causes autism.
  • Studies have not found any link between immunization and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.
  • Studies have not found any link between immunization and asthma.
  • Receiving vaccines is not harmful to the immune system. The weakened virus in the vaccine is not enough to hurt an immune system designed to combat millions of germs each day.
  • Immunization works, keeping your child healthy.

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