Nutrition in Injuries, Recovery, & Alertness

Nutrition in Injuries and Recovery

What are the goals of nutrition intervention in injury?

Whether from surgery or injury, there are three main stages to tissue recovery:

All stages require optimal nutrition to speed up tissue recovery. Nutrition from food serves as the building blocks for your immune response to tissue injury, and in the repair and building of your muscle. During injury recovery, your body is very metabolically active and requires a balance of energy, protein, and other nutrients at specific stages. Finding this delicate balance is crucial, and will benefit from the following recommendations:

1. Inflammation stage (First 1-2 weeks)

2. Proliferation and Remodeling Stage (2-4 weeks)

Nutrition in Mental Alertness

Staying alert is another area where nutrition plays a big role. Here are a few tips:


If you are looking for support in recovering from an injury or would like to discuss strategies at increasing your energy and alertness through nutrition, try the strategies above to get started. Or better, book an appointment and we can go a bit deeper and apply these strategies to your unique needs.

Until then, stay nourished, hydrated, and healthy! If you have questions about nutrition and would like a professional opinion, call or text today 403.229.0129 or email me here.


Dan Neuman
Registered Dietitian

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