Discover Preventous Precision Medicine – Coming in 2023

Precision Medicine is the emerging approach for predicting, preventing and treating disease, and, of equal importance, maximizing health and wellness — an approach that is fully customized to each patient and employs technological devices to track and analyze data.

Precision Medicine brings “high tech” and “high touch” together by accounting for as many biomarkers as possible, understanding your internal mechanics and genetics, then using big data to optimize the prediction and prevention of disease, as well as optimize your body, mind, and overall health for as long as possible. Precision Medicine shows us that we have the ability not just to treat diseases but to prevent them from developing in the first place. 

The healthcare system has always had a focus on treating sick people. As healthcare professionals, we learn a lot about sickness and how to treat it – but not enough about how to help people stay healthy and prevent sickness. 

Precision Medicine is the missing link between clinically valuable, patient-generated data and its use for customized care.

At Preventous, we focus on a more proactive and personalized care that empowers people to lead healthy lives, and that is why Precision Medicine is in our DNA. We never want to lose track of who we are helping, an individual. In a nutshell, this means we are gathering data about your biology, your DNA, sleep, fitness level, nutrigenomics – and putting these to use to tailor our advice or therapies to YOU, resulting in a more efficient, more informed, more customized approach to your health and wellness.

What To Expect From Precision Medicine

By accounting for as many biomarkers as possible, understanding your internal mechanics and systems, and taking gene variability and lifestyle into consideration, we present an opportunity to optimize your body and mind – defining a new meaning to healthspan. A streamlined approach to obtain the most accurate picture of your health state.

Baseline Testing

In depth blood test analyzing 40 different biomakers to assess your overall health.

Device Monitoring

Top of the line technology to monitor your body and health state in real time to provide immediate feedback to you.

Follow Up Testing

Track any changes or progress in your health and adjust the action plan.

Our Comprehensive Approach To Precision Health

Biomarker testing to help us paint an accurate picture of your current health state and guide us in developing the most effective wellness plan for you.

Whole-Genome and Microbiome Sequencing

Full genome sequencing and the personal diversity and functionality of your gastrointestinal health to optimize your mental health, metabolism, disease risk, and immune function.

Disease and Cancer Diagnostic Screening

Nearly 1 in 2 Canadians are expected to develop cancer in their lifetime. In most cases, early detection is possible through screening and allows for early treatment and curative intent.

Health Monitoring Devices

Health monitoring technology allows us to track and respond to changes in your physiology in real-time, and give our team the most accurate picture of your individual health.

Physical and Mental Health Assessments

Mental health affects many aspects of our daily life. Our focus is to maintain, restore, and help you develop a strong connection between your mental state and physiology.

Dr. Rohan Bissoondath Talks About Precision Medicine

Thanks to a hand-selected team of leading experts in Preventative Care, we take pride in educating patients about aging in peak health. Watch our live segments on CTV Morning Live to learn more about our approach to healthy aging.

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