Your Finest Calgary Nurses

At Preventous, our unique model of delivering health care demands our staff include some of the brightest and best Calgary nurses. Unlike other Calgary nurses, these people must be willing to spend as much time as required with you and have a passion for helping you achieve your goals. Please read on to meet some of the finest Calgary nurses. We hope you’ll come in and meet them in person soon.

Barb Schafer – Licensed Practical Nurse

Barb Schafer

Barb is a Licensed Practical Nurse at Preventous. She will be one of the first people you meet on the day your medical assessment is conducted.

Barb completed her training as a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) in 2004 at Bow Valley College.

Her work experience includes employment at a dermatology clinic and several years at a cosmetic medical clinic.

Barb is a conscientious nurse and her quiet but confident demeanor is well suited to health care. Barb will ensure that your experience on the medical side of Preventous is smooth and efficient.

Jayme Middleton – Licensed Practical Nurse

Jayme Middleton

Jayme is a Licensed Practical Nurse at Preventous.

She has been passionate about her role as an LPN since graduating as valedictorian in 2000. She has worked in acute hospital care, surgical procedures and cosmetic medicine.

Jayme will ensure that every aspect of your Preventous experience is well understood and all questions have been answered. Her professional yet pleasant approach will keep you comfortable and confident with both your experience as a client and in the diverse team she helps to represent.

Suzanne Stadler – Licensed Practical Nurse

Suzanne Stadler

Suzanne is a Licensed Practical Nurse at Preventous.

With a passion for healthy living and a strong belief in the power of prevention for long-term health and longevity, Suzanne is a natural fit with the Preventous family.

Suzanne completed her LPN training at Bow Valley College in 2005. Her experience includes acute care (dialysis), long-term care, occupational health, cosmetic medicine and family medicine.

Suzanne was born and raised in Calgary and enjoys knowing that she is contributing to the health of fellow Calgarians. Compassionate, bubbly and lighthearted, she provides clients with the kind of professional and caring service that makes visiting the clinic a positive experience.

Tara Michaluk – Licensed Practical Nurse

Tara Michaluk

Tara knew from a very young age that she was destined for a profession in healthcare.

With this goal in sight, Tara pursued her dream and graduated with a Licensed Practical Nursing diploma in 2011. To further cultivate her skills, Tara gained experience and expertise in long-term care, phlebotomy, and sclerotherapy, prior to joining our team at Preventous.

Tara works closely with the Preventous medical team to ensure every patient receives extraordinary care. Her attentive, honest, and confident manner has made her the perfect addition to our nursing team and an absolute delight for our patients. Not to mention, Tara possesses the gift of lighting up a room the second she walks in with her infectious smile and upbeat personality.

Outside the office, Tara enjoys spending quality time with her family. Being a mother of two young boys helps keep her fit and full of energy, along with fueling her passion for a healthy lifestyle. Tara also believes in living a balanced lifestyle and enjoys dinners out, camping and annual vacations with the family.