As a part of your Total Health Assessment, you have a VISIA Skin Health Assessment with Preventous Cosmetic Medicine. Once this is completed, your provider will give you a full analysis of the concerns you wish to have addressed.

You can receive treatments from both our Preventous Cosmetic Medicine locations in Calgary (17th Avenue and Wentworth).

visia skin analysis


Members can book a VISIA Skin Analysis. This advanced imaging evaluates wrinkles, texture, pores, sun/UV, damage, and pigmentation offering a comprehensive report.


This analysis helps in tracking changes over time and aids in creating personalized skin health protocols.


It's an essential tool for anyone looking to understand and improve their skin health comprehensively. This assessment is currently only available at Preventous Cosmetic Medicine, Wentworth location.

Member Benefits at Preventous Cosmetic Medicine

Our members enjoy exclusive access to a suite of complimentary* services through Preventous Cosmetic Medicine.

For skin health related services include;

• Nail Fungus Treatment
• Nitrogen for skin tags and keratosis
• Bruise treatments post-filler
• TMC Injection (for acne/cyst)

Other medical treatments that are available at Preventous Cosmetic Medicine for members;

• No injection fee for migraine treatments (excludes medication)
• No injection fee for Hyperhidrosis treatments (excludes medication)


You have completed the review of your results and recommendations. If you have any questions or feedback regarding the contents of this report, we invite you to book a follow-up appointment with the appropriate member of our healthcare team.

As indicated you can do so by contacting our client care team in person or in the following ways that are convenient for you!

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