Sleep and Exercise Recovery

Adequate sleep is important in order to maximize the benefits of your exercise routine. During sleep, your body increases the blood supply to your muscles. This increased blood supply your body works to repair and regenerate cells and muscle tissues that were stressed during exercise. Muscle recovery is dependent on our body’s regulation of hormones. Many of these hormones are susceptible to sleep degradation thus hindering muscle recovery.

One major benefit to resistance training is that it has the ability to not only slow bone density loss but actually increase it. This process, known as bone remodelling, happens at night while we sleep. Lack of sleep not only reduces recovery from exercise but also increases injury risk and can lead to negative performance in sport. Sleep loss can also act as a psychological stressor and can reduce the positive effects of exercise and may even stimulate overtraining syndrome. 

I can help to ensure you are getting adequate sleep and recovery so you can maximize the benefits from your physical activity and prevent injury.

Contact me and let me create an individualized plan to address your specific needs and enhance your overall wellbeing. Call us today at 403.229.0129 or email me here.

Crystal Bartkowski
Certified Athletic Therapist

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