Struggling with Weight

We recently received a question from an individual inquiring about struggling with weight:

I have struggled with my weight for virtually my entire life. Recently, my trainer told me that I have a food addiction. This really depressed and demoralized me.

It is true that my eating is not under control. I eat too much most of the time when I sit down for a meal and then, to make matters worse, I eat when I am stressed, when I am bored and when I am watching TV. I have tried every diet you can think of but in the end my weight has remained a problem. I heard about you from a friend who is in your weight loss program and speaks very highly of you and I wondered if you can help me.

Sharon C., Calgary Alberta

Dear Sharon,

First, let me address the food addiction issue. It is my opinion there is no such thing as a food addiction. It is clear from your email however that your eating behavior could use some moderating. There are many people who struggle with a disordered eating pattern in their lives and one of the consequences of that, aside from the psychological, is weight gain. The Preventous Weight Loss program is particularly designed to address the psychological factors that lead people to fail in their attempts to lose weight. It also addresses many of the myths that surround the whole issue of weight loss, such as, you have to exercise in order to lose weight or, you have to stop eating carbs to lose weight, and so on. Weight loss is not as complicated an issue as, unfortunately, it has been made out to be. If you would like to know more about our weight loss program please call us at 403.229.0129.

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