Sun, Sweat, and Success: Strategies for Exercising Safely in the Heat

What are your plans for the summer!? Naturally, we are more active outside in the Spring and Summer months. Maybe you are planning to run a marathon or participate in another type of outdoor event this summer, maybe you have a child or adolescent participating in outdoor sports or competitions, or maybe you just plan to be out on the golf course as much as possible! Whatever sport and exercise look like for you in the hot months of the year, it is important to consider some of the risks that can come with exercising in the heat and some strategies to help protect against this (see Crystal’s article for more on heat illness)! While exercising in the heat, blood flow to the skin and sweat rate increase to allow for heat evaporation to the surrounding environment. These thermoregulatory adjustments increase physiological strain and may lead to dehydration, impaired performance and potentially heat illness during prolonged exercise. Here are some considerations when exercising in the heat to reduce your risk of these occurrences! 



 Cooling Methods

 Heat Acclimatization 


Krystyna Woodson, (MKin, BSc. Kin, CSEP-CEP, CPT)

Clinical Exercise Physiologist & Personal Trainer

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