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Your testimonial can be as short or long as you like and, ideally, will focus on a single aspect of our services.

Feel free to discuss anything you like but these are some topics you may want to consider:

  • Timely access – appointments when you need them
  • Unrushed visits – all the time you need to address your concerns
  • After hours care – contact with your physician outside of normal office hours
  • Peace of mind – ongoing health care advice and illness prevention
  • The importance of top medical care for your children
  • The importance of health care for your spouse and children while you are away on business
  • Quality client care – ongoing monitoring of health and scheduling of regular appointments
  • The personality and “bedside manner” of the physicians and other team members
  • Specialist referrals and follow up appointments to discuss tests and results
  • Did you sign up other members of your family (grandparents, siblings, etc) so they could get the same quality of health care?
  • If you were previously with another private health care provider, why did you leave and how is Preventous different? (of course, we won’t mention their names)
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