The Magic Bullet of Exercise

The notion of prevention with exercise is an inherent piece of the puzzle in having success in health and longevity. Here is my list of top reasons to staying active as a preventative strategy for an increase in your quality of life. 

Prevention of physical diseases – Exercise prevents the onset of many types of disease – diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cardiovascular i.e. most cardio and respiratory conditions, osteoporosis and arthritis to name a few.  Exercise is now considered actual medicine and is being ‘prescribed’ that way in our medical system!  Check out the ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) Exercise is Medicine Canada (EIMC) initiative at www.exerciseismedicine.ca for more details.

Exercise and Health

Prevention of mental illness – Regular exercise can prevent stress, anxiety and depression.  Our mental health often gets neglected and exercise is a key element to avoiding this insidious disease.  As well, staying active is a great way to be social and meet others…thereby preventing loneliness!  Exercise is a key piece to avoiding many facets of mental illness.

Prevention of injury – Staying fit, strong, and supple is a great way to prevent injury and improve performance in many aspects of life.  For example, as we age, the risk of falling can increase to the point of catastrophe.  Proper strength training and balance are key pieces of avoiding a potentially deadly fall!  Make sure your fitness program contains these elements to keep you fit and capable of meeting the physical demands of your life.

Prevention of sleep disorders – Staying regularly active can help you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer!  Moderate-intensity exercise or 50-85% of your maximum heart rate (11-13 out of 20 on your perceived exertion) is recommended.  Examples include very brisk walking (~4 mph), light biking (10-12 mph), rigorous housecleaning, or doubles tennis or badminton to name just a few. 

Prevention of fat gain – Moving your body burns calories and burning calories means burning fat.  It doesn’t have to mean doing high-intensity exercise every day!  All you have to do is move regularly and move often.  Create movement habits all day ie. don’t sit for more than 20 minutes, do extra stairs around the house, get out for a quick walk around the block etc.  All of this adds up and you will be amazed at how good you will feel and ultimately how good you will look!

Prevention of energy lags – Ever been sitting at your desk all day and feeling your afternoon energy dip into the danger zone?  Well even though a brisk walk seems like the last thing you are capable of, it’s exactly what you need to refresh!  Give it a try, next time you are lagging, do a 10 min jaunt around the block.  See how you feel…you will be amazed!

I can’t imagine you need any more reason to exercise after knowing all of this!  If you need help in tailoring your preventative strategy for greater health and longevity, get connected with all of your Preventous team so we can get you off on the right foot and keep you being the best version of you!

Colin Davis
Personal Trainer

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