Weight Loss: The Missing Piece to the Puzzle

As you well know, weight loss is a huge challenge. It impacts and is impacted by every area of your life—your relationships, self-image, emotions, diet, activities, and more. Still, it’s just a matter of eating the right things and getting more exercise, right? Wrong.

Maybe you know someone who can tell you the calories in every type of food but still can’t lose weight. Maybe that same person can rattle off how many steps you’re supposed to take each day to lose a pound a week and tell you how to do a perfect stomach crunch, but rarely goes to the gym. What’s going on?

One area often missed in weight loss programs is the psychological aspect of losing weight. While good nutrition and proper fitness habits are essential for dropping pounds, you can learn to eat right and to exercise quite quickly. All you have to do is keep doing these things and you’ll lose weight. But you don’t. That’s where psychology comes in.

Managing the psychology that causes you to not do the things you need to do to lose weight is necessary for success. You must find out how to keep your focus and motivation, learn to manage your stress and emotions without eating, and deal with body image and self-esteem issues. Without managing the psychology, you likely won’t be able to continue to use any nutritional and fitness knowledge you develop.

If you’re trying to lose weight, talk to us about our weight management program. We give you a team consisting of a registered dietitian, fitness specialist and psychologist. This unique approach gives you the missing piece to the weight loss puzzle and can solve your weight issues for life.

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