Women & Weights: To Lift or Not To Lift?

One of the most agonizing excuses I hear from women for not wanting to weight train is, ‘I don’t want to get bulky!’  In all fairness, there are some women who have a little more testosterone than average, whereby this bulking issue could be valid. However, in my over two decades of working with women of all ages and stages, I can only think of a couple that had a propensity to bulk up. Most women simply lack the testosterone that men have and, therefore will not likely turn into a fully-fledged Amazonian. In fact, it is quite challenging for women to gain significant muscle. All this to say, the benefits of resistance training for women far outreach just toning arms or flattening tummies. I would say one of the most prominent comments from my clients is feeling capable of tackling everyday life.



For example, unscrewing that pickle jar (eat your heart out, men), hauling in multiple bags of groceries with greater ease (feeling redundant, guys?), and rearranging the living room furniture without any help (still might have been safer to get hubby…just saying). This feeling of capability means greater confidence, self-assurance and independence, which helps contribute to a better sense of self and subsequently improved mental health. Another big one I hear from the ladies is more energy, very likely because everything takes less effort, they have less joint pain/degeneration, and have better posture (a combination of me harping on it during their workouts and from working out the muscle imbalances).

Lastly, the overall health benefits from resistance training need to be acknowledged, even though many women may not fully realize or may just simply take them for granted. These include lowering the risk of osteoporosis, improved cardiovascular health (yep…it’s true!), improved metabolism, reduced risk of falls and injury, and improved cognitive function, to name a few! Need I say more lady friends! Let’s destigmatize weight training for women and find out what you’ve been missing. You won’t be disappointed!

As a Preventous member, you have a dedicated team of health and fitness personnel at your disposal. Come see us so we can guide you in the safest most effective way possible. Book a time with me or Crystal (our Athletic Therapist) for an individualized exercise program.

Colin Davis
Personal Trainer

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