Your Most Valuable Resource

Our theme this month is recovery. To gain back what has been lost. There are many things in life that may be lost, some more precious than others. We can lose objects, and often if not recovered, they can be replaced. We can lose our way, figuratively and literally. Some of us are fortunate enough to eventually get to our destination. Most concerning and the topic of our discussion this month are the times when we lose some aspect of our health.

Understanding health as something that is possessed versus a condition allows us to appreciate that we may one day be dispossessed of it. Health is a milieu of chemicals and structures which, when properly nourished, allow us to enjoy our daily lives actively and pain-free. When an individual loses their health, as is manifested in a diminished capacity to enjoy their days, it is either due to a reduced ability to be active, pain, or some combination of the two. Health may be lost abruptly because of an accident or acute illness. More often, it is lost incrementally in negligence as we wait for a tomorrow that never arrives. We see then that losing our health can be out of our control but is very often a result of actively turning a blind eye. We are all too often aware of the upkeep which we are depriving ourselves.

When the time comes that you must recover your health, you will be fortunate not to have to travel too far to do so. Optimizing your chemicals and structures prior to whatever aspect of your health is lost will mitigate both the degree of loss and the duration and challenges of the journey back to baseline. Prior planning and optimization will also provide the best odds of returning to your original baseline.

When the inevitable storm arrives, are you ready to weather it? Will you face it bravely with strength, courage, and the knowledge that you have adequately and responsibly prepared to be at your best? Health optimization requires an active process of daily monitoring, healthy lifestyle choices and regular blood and technological investigations. Doing so will enable you to be as healthy as possible for as long as possible.

My Preventous team members will review their approaches to recovery in the text below. When it is my time to recover lost health, I will do it actively and with the knowledge that I have done all I can do to preserve my most valuable resource.

Dr. Rohan Bissoondath,
Medical Director

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